Annalise Michel, believed to have been possessed by demons from 1968 to her death in 1976, ages sixteen to twenty-three. Raised in a religious family, she was diagnosed with epilepsy in her high school years, but continued studying to become a teacher despite the ineffectiveness of medication for her condition. Over time, she began having an aversion to religious objects and symbolism, and having hallucinations while saying her prayers. In 1975 her parents began to abandon medicine and look to the church to cure their daughter through excorcisms performed by Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt. She claimed to be posessed by Judas, Nero, Hitler, Cain, Lucifer and others, and was reported to have spoken in languages Annalise herself didn’t know while controlled by these spirits. Her symptoms persisted through 67 exorcisms, and she exhibited strange behaviours like urinating on the floor and licking it up, hiding under tables and barking, and eating insects, before dying of malnutrition and dehydration, weighing 68lbs. Photos of her during her ordeal, like the ones above, show her looking sickly and bruised, and in the audio recordings taken in 42 of her exorcisms she can be heard growling and hissing in a voice that is certainly not natural for a girl of her age. Her parents and both of her exorcists were charged with negligent homicide upon her death, as whether truly possessed or not, the court decided she should’ve been cared for better.

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CEOs all runnin around terrified of blue shells from the homeless

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Samuel Elkins


The Doom Generation (1995)

Red Deer Stag by Craig Churchill

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